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Description of LIGHT GLASS System

The fundamental construction element is a commonly available insulating glass unit, with a narrow separating spacer. Placed in between with an unique and proprietary technique is acrylic (PMMA polymethyl metaacrylate), which is a colored and perfectly transparent plastic with a high resistance to breakage, rigid and highly shock resistant. lt is available in many colors and, depending on the quantity purchased, in any shade of color. Because of its thermoplastic qualities, which allow it to be easily manipulated and shaped, acrylic glass is easily integrated into curved glass units as well.
Especially suitable for geometric patterns and letters, the process can also be used for any other type of picture whose nature allows the fitting together of the various colored acrylic cutouts.

Due to thermal related contractions and expansions of the materials, the relative dimensions of the acrylic glass elements and the glass panes as well as those of the outside edges must be carefully chosen. These variations are provided for by the insertion of an elastic element around the perimeter of the structure.
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